Apply Now for 12 month loans - Its Affordable and Convenient

Solve your money problems quickly and for a long time

12 month loans are not always a long term burden. They come with some unique benefits that are suitable for many different financial situations. Like, when you need urgent cash but do not want to pay back in a lump sum.

Depending on how much you can afford to pay back each month, you must apply for a customized loan - designed just for you. If fewer installments are more suitable for your financial situation, you can get loan quotations for 3 months, 6 months or even 12 months.

Try applying for a short term personal loan through us, and we would make the loan process convenient and fast. If approved, you can receive multiple "affordable" loan options in as little as 24 hours. You can then take your time and compare these quotations to select the best deal.

Are these 12 month loans suitable for you?

Long term finances are not suitable for everyone, just like a payday loan that is not a right solution for everyone needing quick cash. To know which loan option suits your situation the most, you must do some evaluation yourself. Make a monthly budget plan and determine how much amount you can spare next month for a loan repayment (apart from taking care of your living expenses). If you can arrange enough cash amount to pay off your payday loan in a lump sum, then you must choose a payday loan only. But, if you have limited but regular savings for the following few months that can take care of your installment loans, then you can definitely borrow a 12 month loan. Just remember that borrowing 12-month loans is a long term commitment, which would need you to follow your monthly budget plan rigorously for 1 year.

But, if you are not prepared to commit for 12 month installments and wish to get over with your loan quickly, then you must accept the 1 month loan offers which lenders might offer you if your 12 month loan is not approved.

Benefits of 12 month installment loans

Fast Approval – Unlike any other short term loans, 12 month loans get approved quicker with very less formalities. Typically, anyone who can comfortably afford to make loan repayments and do not have bad credit remarks is approved for these loans without any trouble.

Smooth Repayment – If we get a convenient method of repaying our loans, the percentage ratio of our loan defaults would fall greatly. And no one would have bad credit remarks or loan rejections. We would truly get back the control over our finances and our life. With 12 month loans we can actually experience the same. All we need to do is to plan our loan adequately.

Affordable Rates – As compared to a payday loan, a 12 month loan charges a higher interest rate. But, considering that we keep the lender's cash for 1 long year and are not bothered by them for repayments apart from regular due dates, then the loan deal is worth to be paid more for. However, if the applicant has a bad credit history, the Interest Rate offer can be much higher than usual.

Simple Terms and Conditions – These are traditional personal loans direct lenders which almost everyone in UK has experience with. The loan agreement signed at the time of borrowing money lists all the clauses related to loan terms and conditions which are easy to understand and remember even by the first time borrower.

The only problem with these loans is the long tenure, which might sometimes upset the borrowers and cause them to skip repayments out of frustration or forgetting the due dates.

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